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Todays WOD

CrossFit DHM Durham opened in late 2012, Head Coach Dave Ranson has been training mainly as a bodybuilder since 1990, He has competed in Bodybuilding Shows with his best place being a respectable 3rd place in the IBFA Classic Bodybuilding Category.  From Bodybuilding he moved on to his passion of Kettlebells, whilst on a Kettlebell Certifiaction he was introduced to CrossFit.


"I did a workout that was 3 rounds of 15 x 24k Kettlebell Swing and 10 Burpees in a gravely car park in Burnley, I was hooked..."  Dave Ranson


He went home and told his wife that they were going to move away from the bodybuilding style training and start doing CrossFit.  For a year they did CrossFit together in the personal training gym.  Then Dave decided to get certified, mainly to improve his own training.


In 2012 Dave travelled to Stockport and completed his CrossFit Level 1 Certification.  At the end of the weekend the Flowmaster, Karl Steedman said "Go and live the dream"  Dave took that very literally and whilst driving home, called Joyce (hands free of course) They were opening a CrossFit Box.


By December 2012 everything was in place to sttart training clients in CrossFit, both Dave and Joyce were personal trainers prior to this and Joyce was Manageress in a Ladies only Health Club.  Joyce travelled to Manchester early 2013 and sailed throught the CrossFit Level 1 Weekend.


October 2013 Dave wanted to know more and went back to Southport to attend the CrossFit Level 2 Certification,

He has also been to CrossFit Clitheroe and done the CrossFit Strongman Certificate, and flew out to Portugal to participate in the CrossFit Weightligting Course with Coach Mike Burgener.


Fast forward to 2018 Dave was the 30th CrossFit Level 3 qualified Coach in the UK, something he is very proud of.


Also in 2018 Dave was in Berlin, as a volunteer ath the CrossFit regionals, again something he is proud to have been a part of.


Joyce isn't doing much coaching at the moment, but without her continued support CrossFit DHM would not exist...



We have 3 Part Time CrossFit Coaches, who are in full time employment in the "real" world, and coach because they love to coach and see people improve on an almost daily basis.


Mark Davis - Day Job - Project Manager.


Mark has been with us since the "old" box, we have been in the "new" box for over 5 years, We have seen Mark develop as a person and an athlete, and now as a CrossFit Coach.  Mark is in every single night and loves to spend his time coaching, he also now does most of our "On Ramp" sessions so, will be the person you spend most time with when you first start.


Joe Brown - Day Job - Facilities Engineer.


Joe has also been with us since the "old" box.  Joe is a great Coach, he an Mark did there Level one CrossFit Course together and he has gone on to be a hugely valuable coach, he can be found Coaching and Training Every Night Except Wednesdays when he'll be having a rest day and playing X-Box...


Rosi Jelfs - Day Job - Something to do with books (She'll Kill Me for that)


Rosi has been with us since early 2016, she has a competitive Rowing Background both as a competitor and Coach, and as such she is our main rowing Coach, with Dave also being a British Rowing Club Qualified indoor rowing coach.  Rosi is a fantastic competitor and love to compete both as an individual and in teams.  She chooses to Coach only 1 night, but can be found at the box training most days.



We also have a part time Mobility and Calisthenics Coach, Kelley Shearsmith.  


Kelley started with us the 1st July 2014, the day we opened the doors to the "new" Box, She is a Pilates, Yoga, Body Balance instructor, as well as many other exercise classes.

We are very lucky to have Kelley take a Calisthenics session once a week, leaving us all wanting more every week...

She can be found training 3 days a week, but only if you can remember her hectic schedule.